Employee Flexibility

As consumers continue to manage their life from their smartphone, the demand for providing access to employee related information on a smartphone increases. Enterprises have already deployed SAP Self Service to allow their employees to manage leave requests, payroll, personal development/education. The challenge now is to extend this functionality to the employee’s mobile device.

The myMobileHR solution provides a Mobile Portal which shows how a user can

  • Create Leave Requests
  • Enter time sheets
  • Enter Expense Reports
  • Review Accrued Leave
  • Update Personal Information
  • Review Pay stub Information

all from their mobile device.

SAP Time Sheet Entry

3i’s mobile time sheet solution allows entery of Cross Application Time Sheets (CATS) from your mobile device. The solution is highly configurable and can be deployed into any organization rapidly allowing for accurate and timely time sheet entry.

Leave Request

By allowing anywhere, anytime access to create leave requests, employee productivity is greatly improved, as employees are able to rapidly execute these administrative tasks. The solution integrates with the mobile device’s local storage and camera, allowing the user to upload (or snap a picture!) of any supporting documentation for their leave request.


Expense Entry

Imagine entering a trip related expense, while on the flight returning from that trip. Well with the myMobileHR for SAP ERP HCM, employees can enter their expenses directly onto their mobile device. Best of all, they can even take a photo of the relevant receipt and attach it to the expense report.

Payroll at your finger tips

The myMobileHR for SAP ERP HCM solution provide easy access to employee Paystub information. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with 3rd party Document and Imaging solutions, allowing for the display of the paystub image directly on the device.