Mobile users need a solution that provides access to all their enterprise processes, regardless of which system they reside. With its Universal Mobile Workplace solution, users can access all of their approvals from a single unified mobile inbox, much like SAP’s Universal Work list solution

Flexible User Interface

A good user interface can greatly increase user adoption and reduce the amount of training required. That is why 3i Mobile solution allows for complete control over the end user experience. From colors, logos, fonts, etc. 3i Mobile provides the flexibility to control the end user experience.

Mobilizing additional approval scenarios (custom or standard) is easy. Since the 3i Mobile solution is ABAP based, new scenarios can be added in just a few short days. This level of effort may vary based on specific requirements of the customer.

Simple to Enhance
iPhone Approve (HR)
Offline or online

While cellular network coverage is improving every day, a truly mobile solution should not rely on being tethered to the network. Intermittent drop outs and poor reception can and do occur. 3i Mobile greatly minimizes data flow on the wireless network by caching data locally on the device and uploading when coverage is restored.