Many business have industry or company specific business scenarios which make ideal candidates for mobility but are held back by the high cost of implementation.

Applications developed using 3i Mobile typically 40% faster to implement when compared with traditional mobile development. The reason for this is the framework provides many UI and code generation capabilities thus reducing the amount of code that has to be built and tested.

Building with Ease using ABAP

Building an app should be an extension of enhancing SAP. It should not be a long drawn our project with multiple resources ( and budgets! ).

3i Mobile is the only ABAP based HTML5 framework that allows existing ABAP developers to build apps that will run on all popular mobile and desktop platforms.

SAP Mobile Platform Compatibility

ExporttoSMPCordovaAll 3i Mobile apps are easily deployed using the SAP Mobile Platform (2.2 or higher). This allows a customer to leverage their investment and security of SMP while still deploying the same functionality in a desktop browser.

Native integration with Cordova

The framework support out of the box device integration such as file upload, accelerometer, GPS and Contact Address Bookcordova_logo_normal_dark

Map and Canvas integration

Simple drag and drop style map and canvas integration


Screen generation and validation

the7-ipad.png3i Mobile allows the specification of screens based on the SAP Data Dictionary definitions. Much like tradition Dynpro and WebDynpro development, field labels, lengths and types are automatically generated based on the definition in the SAP database. Even look up values and search screens are automatically attached to the generated user interface based on the SAP data dictionary definition.