The following is a partner case study.

Developed by Avelon, this Mobile Field Service solution, powered by 3i Mobile, enables the rapid deployment of SAP Field Service on Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android or iOS devices.

CityTec is a Dutch company whose 320 strong work force is responsible for maintenance of 600,000 light poles, 30,000 traffic lights, and 2,000 parking facilities in the Netherlands. With increasingly sophisticated customers, CityTec undertook a mobilization effort for its field worker force to enable them to respond faster and more accurately to outages and other field faults. CityTec’s evaluation and subsequent deployment of the Avelon Field Service solution (powered by 3i’s Mobile Workplace of course) yielded a return approximately 3 times greater then other solutions evaluated….

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“…The technicians are satisfied because it is simple and saves them work. The regional managers are happy because of the clear overview and shorter turn around time. Management is happy because a high ROI is achieved…“